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Excel is an Honors Reading class for 6th graders, and an Honors Language Arts class for 7th and 8th grade. Students in Excel are taught using the Diocesan course of study; however, pacing depth of material, and activities may differ slightly from other reading classes. The focus for this program is on class and independent reading, along with written expression and vocabulary. Grammar and oral expression are also included in this class for 7th and 8th graders, as it is a combined Language Arts course.



St. Michael school offers an accelerated Math program, where students who meet the criteria enroll in Pre-Algebra in the 7th grade followed by Algebra I in the 8th grade. Algebra is an Honors Course and high school credit is awarded with a passing grade, as the teacher is certified in that area.


This year SMS is offering a reading enrichment class for grades 2-5. Students were chosen based on their MAP reading and language scores. Each grade level will meet for nine weeks during their library time (they Will still be able to check books out from the library!) A book will be assigned to the group, through writing, as well as some extension activities! We will be starting with the fifth grade! We hope they will find this experience to be fun, educational, and challenging!



St. Michael 7th and 8th grade students are very fortunate to be able to participate in the Hancock County Quiz Bowl. Since there is no city league, Hancock County has graciously allowed us to participate in their league for the last several years.

Quiz Bowl is similar to the  “Jeopardy” game show in that teams answer a variety of questions; however, in Quiz Bowl, the teams not only work as individuals, they also work together as a team. Practices begin in January with meets beginning in March, and the season ends with a double elimination tournament (from which, St. Michael has earned several plaques!). Our “official” ending of the season is an end of the year celebratory party at Buffalo Wild Wings where we eat, and, of course, play MORE trivia!

The advisors for Quiz Bowl this year are Mrs. Haas and Ms. J. We are looking forward to a great season!



Latin Club is an introduction to the Latin Language, as well as a basic experience in Latin culture and lifestyles. In the process of reading an ongoing story line, students learn to recognize Latin roots and their meanings to expand their knowledge of English vocabulary. Students are introduced to both the classical and ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation. Basic skills in translating from Latin to English and English to Latin give the students a sound basis for moving into other Romance languages in high school.  Latin Club shares their experience of the language with the school family by way of a seasonally decorated showcase and a Latin Christmas skit for the Talent Show. The club has its own tee shirt in scarlet and gold, bearing its motto, “Regnare Christum volumus!”

The club meets during recess/lunch on Tuesdays and Fridays.