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St. Michael School offers a wide variety of sports for students. We are a Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) school, so there are no tryouts to join a team.  Visit Toledo Diocese CYO or email CJ Kin for more information.


Lord God, we thank you for bringing us together today and we ask that you watch over and guide us. Help the athletes to use their talents to the fullest and remain injury-free. Help the coaches to teach these young athletes not only about the game, but more importantly about being good Christians. Help the game officials to do their best to enforce the rules and remain fair at all times. And help the spectators to be considerate of all players, coaches, officials, and each other. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to put our faith into action today.


Any student/parish member in 4th - 8th grade can join a basketball team.  Practice starts in early November; games begin in December and generally run to the end of February.  The teams are divided into boys’ and girls’ teams by grade, and all teams are coached by helpful and caring volunteers that are knowledgeable about the game and have specific CYO coaches training. CYO basketball helps to provide children with a positive, character-building experience through the sport.  Through basketball, kids have the opportunity to practice Christian attitudes and responsibilities and build confidence and self-esteem.

For more information about the Tri-Deanery league

visit The Diocese of Toledo/CYO website.


We have a Cheerleading Club for 4th - 8th graders. You will see them at several home boys and girls basketball games and school pep rallies throughout the year.  We have two squads, one for 4th-6th grade and another for 7th & 8th.  During the year the girls put on a mini cheer clinic for K-4th grade students and the participants get to cheer a Saturday game with the squads!


Students in grades K-8 can participate in our Cross Country program. The team holds a family spaghetti dinner every Thursday night during the season. Many parents help volunteer with coaching and dinners; which makes this a great sport for the whole family!



St. Michael participates in CYO volleyball, and any female student or parish member in 4th through 8th grade can join.  The goal of CYO volleyball is to facilitate a positive environment in which athletes can grow physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  Whether a volleyball player is bumping, setting, spiking or serving, CYO Volleyball develops a wide range of skills.  Teams are coached by volunteers that love the sport and have attended a mandatory CYO coaches training.  Practice starts in August and games go through October.

For more information about the Tri-Deanery League visit The Diocese of Toledo/ CYO Volleyball


St. Michael participates in CYO track, with teams being coached by CYO-trained volunteers who understand the importance of the sport and the values it teaches.  Any girl or boy who is a student/parish member in 4th - 8th grade can join the team. The teams will assist youth as they develop into adults, and teach the fundamental values of compassion, self-awareness and teamwork. All children, regardless of athletic ability can flourish and grow in the track program through CYO and St. Michael. The season starts in the spring, generally at the end of March, and runs through the middle of May.

Visit the Track website for more info:

For more information about the Tri-Deanery league

visit The Diocese of Toledo/CYO website.


St. Michael students/parish members Kindergarten and older can participate through the Findlay Youth Wrestling Program.  Please contact coach Bryan Perkins @ 419-957-3452 with any inquiries or visit their website at